DECnet Resources

Document ID Document Title Size Date
AA-D599A-TC DDCMP, V4.0 1.2 MB 1978-03-01
AA-DY88A-TK Network Virtual Terminal Command Terminal Protocol, V2.0 980 kB 1984-12
AA-DY89A-TK Network Virtual Terminal Foundation Services, V2.0 892 kB 1984-12
AA-K177A-TK Data Access Protocol Functional Specification (DAP), V5.6.0 1.2 MB 1980-10
AA-K178A-TK Maintenance Operation Protocol Functional Specification (MOP), V2.1.0 692 kB 1980-10
AA-K179A-TK DIGITAL Network Architecture (Phase III), General Description 1.1 MB 1980-10
AA-K180A-TK Transport Functional Specification, V1.3.0 944 kB 1980-10
AA-K181A-TK Network Management Functional Specification, V2.0.0 1.8 MB 1980-10
AA-K182A-TK Session Control Functional Specification, V1.0.0 664 kB 1980-11
AA-K759A-TK The Ethernet, V1.0 1.6 MB 1980-09-30
AA-K759B-TK The Ethernet, V2.0 2.2 MB 1982-11
AA-N149A-TC DIGITAL Network Architecture (Phase IV), General Description 2.1 MB 1982-05
AA-X435A-TK Routing Layer Functional Specification, V2.0.0 1.4 MB 1983-12
AA-X436A-TK Phase IV Maintenance Operations Functional Specification, V3.0.0 1.4 MB 1983-12
AA-X437A-TK Network Management Functional Specification, V4.0.0 2.6 MB 1983-12
AA-X439A-TK NSP Functional Specification, V4.0.0 2.0 MB 1983-12
AA-X440A-TK Ethernet Node Product Architecture Specification, V1.0.0 356 kB 1983-12
AA-Y298A-TK Ethernet Data Link Functional Specification, V1.0.0 768 kB 1983-12

There are quite a number of other documents relating to DECnet and its protocols, please see and for additional documents.